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About Me

Sahab is a former Sunni Muslim now agnostic from South Asia who joined the wiki in April 2009 and became an administrator in 2011. Although not a Christian himself, his "positive experiences with them have left a lasting impression" and he considers Jesus Christ to be "the height of moral excellence." Politically he is "left-leaning" and responsible for the site's coverage of LGBT issues. He edited heavily for 5 years (from April 2009 to April 2014), accumulating over 47,000 edits (50% of all edits) that touched almost every page on the site. He created several hundred original articles, various original media files and templates and many original series that span several hundred more pages. As an administrator, he quality-controlled most of the site's edits (copy-editing, correcting and expanding as necessary), helped with decision-making, guiding newer editors and dealt with many other day-to-day duties. He helped to formulate and write the majority of the site's policies and guidelines, created its easy-to-navigate structure (site map, links, hub/core pages, layered categories, etc.) and helped shape its general direction. Offsite, he helped promote the wiki and networked with others to import several hundred more pages worth of articles (most of these were also copy-edited, corrected and/or expanded by him). In short, he is the most significant contributor to the site as of August 2014 and basically made WikiIslam into what it is today.

List of Works

Sample of works:

The following "full" list was created in August 2014 and is (mostly) complete:

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