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This page lists tasks that need to be done. If you have any questions about a certain task, please ask the relevant talk page. If you fail to receive a helpful response, comment on an editors talk page directly or, if necessary, contact us.

Inclusion of an article, project or concept on this page does not necessarily mean that it is acceptable for the site. Content still has to be evaluated for suitability on the site. During evaluation content may be partially or wholly edited or removed.


Tasks are broken down into five categories: articles in need of creation, articles in need of total rewrite, articles in need of fleshing out, articles in need of smaller revisions or additions, and wiki house-keeping and quality of life tasks. The criteria for inclusion in these categories is as follows:

  • Creation--these are articles which do not exist in any form on the wiki
  • Total Rewrite--These articles exist but are either not in encyclopedic form or do not meet the standards of the wiki on content and POV; after the wiki is fully renovated, this category should cease to be necessary
  • Fleshing out-- These are articles which are either stubs or skeletons, and need more content to be added
  • Smaller Revisions-- Articles which need portions moved, added, chamged, or deleted
  • Wiki House-Keeping--These are issues related to the structure and usability of the wiki, such as hub pages and templates


There are articles which the Wiki currently lacks, and which should be created.

Higher priority

Lower priority

Total Rewrite

Fleshing Out

  • Kafir article - The wikiquote article on Kafir has many quotations from the Qur'an. Please copy the verses from the Qur'an and add them to both this and to the QHS page (Qur'an, Hadith and Scholars:Non-Muslims) in appropriate quantities.
  • Any stub you may encounter, most of the pages on Muhammad's (male) companions are stubs

Smaller Revisions


  • Add info on marital rape to Rape. e.g. [1]. Gather relevant hadiths or fatwas (wife must have sex or angels will curse her, etc.)
  • Polygamy in Islam - Needs a complete rewrite to adhere to policies and guidelines. Include information from the ScienceDaily article on the talk page.
  • Qur'an, Hadith and Scholars:Women - A number of the quotes here are obscure. This is not necessary since there are much more authoritative texts available (Qur'an, sahih hadith, etc.,) that make the exact same points. Find these and replace quotes.

Qur'an, Hadith, and Scholars

  • Read through all the Jami` at-Tirmidhi, Sunan an-Nasa'i and Sunan Ibn Majah hadith found here. Add to relevant QHS page and "Revelational Circumstances of the Qur'an" pages.


  • Justice - rewrite. Remove all references to the Bible or Judaism.
  • Amputation in Islam - rewrite. Remove all qhs quotes and make separate sections covering all countries that do amputations.
  • Sahih Bukhari - add what people said about bukhari and history of editing this book. watch this


  • Template:External link - check for extra commas during certain parameter conditions (for example if only author is used, or if author and date is used)
  • Fix hadith templates
  • Move away from hub pages to Wikipedia-style portals
  • Update the Translations page with more info on Urdu and Arabic translation projects


See: WikiIslam:Translations

  • Fix hadith templates for import to Arabic wiki
  • Select needed templates for Arabic and Urdu page

Tasks for Articles in Other Languages


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