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Debating guide

The "debating guide" topic is weird. "How to debate" is not a matter of truth. Everyone has a unique personality and maybe he would do better if he kept his way. And also every Muslim is different and what works with one might not work with some other one. It's hard to make general rules, when it is all subjective. I don't want to make a judgemental article like "You have to debate this way, or otherwise you are wrong!" I think this website should provide only objective truth. And I think that the best answer to those questions " how to use this site in debates, rejecting a link because it's a wiki, anti-Islamic or "hate"" is simple. Just use the references provided by wikiislam and share the content from some Islamic source. For example, all those terrible hadiths on Wikiislam can be found on pro-Islamic hadith websites.

"common types of attitudes seen from the other side and how to deal with it" - there could be a list of commong arguments used by people who defend islam. But I would not command people how they should deal with it. It's their choice. I don't want to make people debating robots. If everyone debated the same way, then they could be easily recognizable and islam-defenders would be like "Yeah you are the one from wikiislam." We should be creative in debates. --Prekladator (talk) 04:39, 6 July 2017 (EDT)

Makes sense. The alternative to a debating guide would be an article or hub page on "common apologetic claims" and their refutation. I guess we have articles about this topic, but FFI and Answering Islam surely do. Saggy (talk) 06:31, 6 July 2017 (EDT)