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The title of the needs article needs to be relevant, succinct, and search engine optimizable. The title must clearly and succinctly indicate the subject of the article and define its scope. Titles should be as succinct and short as possible without sacrificing clarity.

Subject of the Article

WikiIslam is home to one and only one type of article, encyclopedia entries. Titles should thus not be argumentative or persuasive in any way, but should clearly lay out a topic to be discussed. For more information on whether or not a given subject matter might or might not fall into the scope of WikiIslam, please see our WikiIslam:Scope and Article Relevance.

Arabic Words and Names

As the subject of the wiki is Islam and Islam, according to its own holy texts and highest authorities, a religion revealed “in a clear Arab tongue” many of the articles here will cover technical Islamic terms which were created in and taken from texts written in Islam’s one holy language, according to orthodox Sunni Islam the very language of Allah himself, Arabic. As such our policy here at WikiIslam is to provide this technical term along with its English definition. The Arabic term is to be the main title of the article, where as the English term should be enclosed in parentheses. So for instance an acceptable article name is

Asbab al-Nuzul (Revelational Circumstances of the Quran)

The Arabic is transcribed in Latin letters (with the values more or less the same as those used by English) and the Arabic term is defined by the parentheses to the right. Exceptions to this policy currently exist for certain very well-known phrases whose Arabic is unfamiliar to the well-read but casual reader/researcher such as “The Five Pillars of Islam” which rather lists the Arabic term in the lead.