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This page lists WikiIslam pages which users must read and comprehend before taking part in major discussions or editing, as well as some optional reading which will help users in editing and taking part in conversations here. Doing so will help editors and writers better understand the site's general approach, what is expected from them as contributors, and will also ensure that discussions do not retread issues that have already been covered. It will also, most importantly, set out the constraints and expectations for the content we hope to create and host here. Supplementary reading material of interest to contributors can be found under the "Miscellaneous" section.


Initial reading

These pages should be read by anyone who has just created an account or is considering doing so. Even visitors are encouraged to read these in order to get a better understand of the site.

Content rules and guidelines

These pages should be read by anyone who might be considering writing or editing articles.

Content related

Article writing style, citation guidelines, and structural requirements

These pages, and the pages in the previous sections, should be read by anyone who might be looking to contribute significantly to the site (this obviously excludes those who make only minor edits and corrections)

Article content

These are some miscelaneous articles dealing with topics related to the type of content we want on the site.

Discussion rules and guidelines

These pages lay out some rules and guidelines and WikiIslam users should read and understand before taking part in discussion on the discussion tabs of pages and other users' talk pages.

Discussion related


Supplementary reading

See also