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It is not necessary to log in to WikiIslam before viewing pages, however users are required to log in in order to make edits (you can request an account here). Nonetheless, logging in does provide viewers with additional features, and is generally recommended. Viewers wishing not to make their IP address known should log in (or request an account if they do not possess one).

Logging in

Creating a user account means that you supply the login page with a correct username and password. The website will reject a login attempt by user who is already logged in elsewhere. If your account is nowhere else being used and your username and password are entered correctly, you will then be "logged in". The next time you log in, you supply your username again and demonstrate with the password that you are the same person. (Do not share your password with other people; this can allow them to misuse your account, which could lead to it being blocked.)

Edits you make are recorded under your username. If you are not logged in you will be unable to make new edits or revise old ones, however you will still be able to view pages on the website.

Requesting an account

To request an account, contact us, and we will readily provide you with a login with the username of your choice, provided it complies with our username policy (account requests with inappropriate usernames will be ignored as spam - if you have not received an account from us upon requesting one, make sure your username request meets our criteria).

How to log in

First, make sure that your browser accepts cookies. Some browsers can accept or reject cookies from individual sites; users of these should configure the browser to accept cookies from each wiki you plan to edit, such as

Click on the Log in link at the top right of the page. You will then be prompted to enter your username and password. If you have not logged in before, you will need to use the link provided to create an account.

You may give your email address if you like. Other users will be able to send email to the address, but they will not be able to find out what the address is.

If you click the box Remember me, you will not have to give your password again when you access WikiIslam from the same computer. The cookies containing username and password automatically expire 30 days after login (unless you log out manually).