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Options for updating news

There are different options for updating news on the main page:

  • Turn the news section off
  • Have it automatically generated through Google news RSS (needs RSS extension for mediawiki)
  • Update it with only external links (easy)
  • Update while saving extracts of news on the site. This involves the most work but the advantages of this option are:
  1. It is like WikiIslam's very own news site/blog (similar to how Wikipedia's news section links to WikiNews).
  2. It keeps visitors on the site rather than directing them to an external link
  3. It helps WikiIslam achieve its goal to be an all-in-one resource. When it is updated regularly, many readers comment positively on it, mentioning how WikiIslam is the only site they need
  4. When news is added about LGBT issues, converts, apostates, statistics etc., it can also be added to the relevant articles ("Persecution of...", "Converts to Islam" etc.)