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Editor engagement projects encourage the growth of the volunteer community that builds WikiIslam. They include efforts to retain existing editors, as well as to engage new contributors to participate on the site.




  • Encouraging new users to edit the site (and creating an account)
  • Retaining existing editors
  • Keeping site morale up and maintain a team working spirit
  • Understanding the psychology and atmosphere present in successful and unsuccessful editing environments. For example some wiki sites are very active while others are not.


  • User friendliness of the editing interface
  • For new users: Links or atmosphere present on every page that effects the likelihood of a new user editing the page
  • Studying any aspect of the site that may discourage a potential or existing editor from performing an action beneficial to the site. Looking at ways to get rid of that negative aspect or improve it.

Contact Us

WikiIslam is a successful website judging by what people say about us. We have come a long way but we still have a lot to achieve. Improving and maintaining editor engagement is a high priority for the site. If you have any suggestions for increasing editing activity, please email us at or leave a message on the relevant Discussions page.

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