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The names of articles on WikiIslam need to convey what the article is about, they need to be as well known as possible so that browsers of WikiIslam may find them, and they need to be as optimized as possible for search engines. As such, all articles should have a main name which is the name of the concept that have the most search results on Google. The spelling and the name itself must align with the current most-searched term on Google.

Arabic and Other Language Naming

The accurately spelled Arabic-language (or other-language) equivalent is to be given in parenthesis. So for instance, the article on the favorite sex-slave of the prophet Muhammad, Maria the Copt, should have her name spelled in the most common English-spelling method along with an accurate Arabic transcription in parenthesis: Maria the Copt (Mariyah Al-Qibtiyyah).


Other spellings which are common on Google should have redirects to this page, so in this case Mariah Al-Qubtiya should have a redirect to Maria the Copt (Mariyah Al-Qibtiyyah). If there are multiple popular spelling or names for the subject of the article on Google, all of these should be mentioned in the first sentence to optimize search results. If an article had an older name not in line with this policy, a redirect should be maintained in order not to leave broken links on WikiIslam or other websites.