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The "Collapsing Mosque", A Miracle from Allah?

Jama Haman Wali mosque.jpg

When mosques are left standing in natural disasters, Muslims often claim it's a miracle and attribute it to an intervention by Allah. It is then used by them for propaganda purposes in order to gain new converts. But there is nothing miraculous about strongly built structures with open architecture allowing water and wind to flow through, surviving waves and high winds better than weaker buildings.

Nature is indiscriminate about what it damages during natural disasters, and mosques are no exception to this rule. This is proven by the hundreds of mosques which have been destroyed in natural disasters, and by the fact that non-Muslim buildings have also "miraculously" been left unharmed or standing during similar incidents. The "standing mosques" are no more miraculous than Morocco's 2010 "collapsing mosque" which only killed worshipers and left others unharmed. If the former can be used to claim Islam is the true faith, the latter can be used to prove it is a false faith. (read more)