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This is from Egyptian online magazine al-Youm al-Sabi'u (The Seventh Day), written on February 9. In the article, high-ranking Egyptian Islamic Shaykh Khalid al-Jundi blasts attacks Shi'ites and Baha'is, and rejects all relations with Israel. He comments on Christians, saying that they have more rights than Muslims, because Muslims do not even have room to worship in their mosques and are spilling out into the streets. Al-Jundi observes, "Look, you never see Christians praying outside their churches!" What seems to have escaped al-Jundi's mind is the possibility that Copts may not pray outside their churches due to the (likely violent) reaction of Muslim observers.
{{Quote|1=[ Khalid al-Jundi: "Whoever Does Not Consider the Baha'is Infidels Must Himself Be an Infidel"]<BR>Loay 'Ali, al-Youm, February 9, 2010|2=Sheikh Khalid al-Jundi, member of the High Council of Islamic Affairs and general director of the television station al-Azhari, launched a sharp attack against Shi'ites, confirming that '''he will not permit the presence of Shi'ites in Egypt'''. This is because of their arrogance towards the family and companions of the Prophet of Allah, indicating that '''Shi'ism is a form of hypocrisy'''.

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