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People of the Book (Translations of Arabic/Islamic Media)

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*[[Arab Press Ablaze with Rumors that Mu'ammar Gaddafi Is Secretly a Jew]]
*[[Dr. Salim al-'Awa: Zionism Is Behind the Alexandria Church Bombing]]
*[[Egyptian Shaykh: "Be at Ease, Do Not Fear Islam and the Shari'aah"]]*[[Egyptian SheikhShaykh: "Muslims Have Fewer Rights than Christians"]]*[[Egyptian SheikhShaykh: "The (Anti-Christ) Will Come Forth from a Jewish Woman of (Iran) Followed by Seventy Thousand Jews"]]
*[[Fatwa: "It Is Not Permissible ... to Drive Christians to Their Churches"]]
*[[Fatwa: "The People of the Book Disgraced (Themselves) and Their Dhimmi Covenant by Distorting What (Allah) Sent"]]
*[[From Gaza: Jews Have No Historic Claim to Jerusalem; Modern Israelis Are Merely "Gangs of Organized Crime, Murder, and Degenerate Racism"]]
*[[From Jordan: "The Repugnant Image of the Jews"]]
*[[From Saudi Newspaper: "Jihad Watch (Spreads) Nazi Propaganda in order Order to Link Islam with Terrorism"]]
*[[Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia Rules that Whoever Insults the Prophet Must Be an Apostate, Atheist, Christian or Jew]]
*[[Hamas Glories in 2003 Suicide Bombing in Israeli Restaurant Which Killed 17]]
*[[Hamas Praises Savage Deadly Attack on Jewish Settlers Family in Arabic, Denies Responsibility in English]]
*[[Hezbollah Calls Burning the Qur'an a "Crime"]]
*[[Iraqi Columnist Blames Alexandria Bombing on Fatwa Issued by Saudi Shaykh]]
*[[ "It Is Permissible for Us to Fight and Kill All Israeli Jews"]]
*[[Jordanian newspaperNewspaper: "How Can (the Jews), Being Unclean, Claim Possession of His Mosque, to Defile It with Their Stench and Their Filthy Deeds?!"]]*[[Jordanian newspaperNewspaper: "The Holocaust is a Jewish Myth, Legend, and Lie"]]
*[[Known American Zionist News Station Spies on Egyptian Police]]
*[[Kuwaiti Shaykh: "The Islamic World...Will Not Sympathize with Gaddafi, that Satan and Son of the Jewish Woman"]]
*[[Lebanese Political Party: "The Alexandria Bombing Was an American-Zionist Production"]]
*[[Lebanese Sheikh Shaykh on Alexandria Bombing: "This Terrorist Act Bears the Mark of Zionism"]]
*[[Moroccan paper: "The Noble Qur'an Stricty Defines the Position of Muslims in Regard to Jews--There Is No Room for Debate"]]
*[[Mufti of Egypt: "We Want a President Like 'Umar bin al-Khattab"]]
*[[Saudi ClericCouncil of Senior Scholars - Gaddafi Is Not a Muslim|Saudi Council of Senior Scholars: Gaddafi Is Not a MuslimMuslim‎‎]]*[[Senior Saudi Shaykh Rejects Equality Between Muslims and InfidelsNon-Muslims, Men and Women]]
*[[Shaykh al-Bakri: "(The Jews) Are Infidels...the Dregs of Mankind"]]
*[[Sheikh Shaykh al-Qaradawi Doubts Muslim Involvement in Alexandria Church Bombing; Points to Unnamed "Foreign Hand"]]
*[[Statement from Kuwaiti Shaykh on the Syrian Revolution]]
*[[UAE Paper Describes Israel as a Western "Project for Dominance of the Islamic Nation"]]
*[[Shaykh Safwat Hegazy: "Jerusalem Belongs to Us, and the Whole World Belongs to Us"]]
*[[Egyptian Parliamentary Candidate: Jizyah Is Only Half a Dinar, and It's Taken from the Rich Christians]]
*[[Egyptian Nur Nour Party Candidates: Democracy is 'Kufr' ... and Masonic-Jewish Propaganda]]
*[[Muslim Brotherhood Leaders Quote Prophet Muhammad at Al-Azhar Conference - O Muslim, There is a Jew Behind Me Come and Kill Him|Muslim Brotherhood Leaders Quote Prophet at Al-Azhar Conference: "O Muslim, There is a Jew Behind Me, Come & Kill Him"]]
*[[Shaykh Omar Bakri on Human Right under Shariah|Shaykh Omar Bakri on Human Right under Shari'ah: Muslims are Superior and Must Fight Those who Refuse Islam]]
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