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WikiIslam:Policies and Guidelines

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Images must be chosen carefully for If an article. Images can be included if they add image adds value to the an article. If and the loss of an image it would mean that people would not know something important, that image should be included. Other additional  Additional images used for 'illustration' purposes should not be used unless important information is being conveyed that could otherwise not be conveyed through text.  Images should be directly related to the article, i.e. they should not have a tenuous link to page content.  If there are too many images related to a page, they can be moved to a gallery section or to a separate page. Images within written articles should also be tasteful. For example, in an article about stoning, the least graphic image should be chosen. Or in an article about houseflies and bacteriophages, an electron micrograph of bacteriophages should be chosen over the closeup image of a fly (which some people may find sickening).
==Style Guidelines==

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