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Quranic Claim of Everything Created in Pairs

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Some Muslims, particularly those who are Western-educated, strive to prove the validity of the [[Qur'an]] through the supposed [[Islam and Science|scientific]] foreknowledge enclosed therein.
Typically, they quote ‘vague’ vague verses amenable to multiple interpretations and then choose the few interpretations to suit their aims. Some of these are even quite convincing, particularly when articulated by knowledgeable Islamists and where absolute proof is impossible due to the nature of the question.
One of these claims which we will examine here is that Allah created all creatures in pairs, male and female.
{{Quote|{{Quran|92|3}}|By (the mystery of) the creation of male and female;}}
==The Muslim CaseClaim==
{{Quote|[ Qur'an and Science: all things in pairs]<BR>Dr. Ibrahim B. Syed, Islamic Research Foundation International, Inc.|PAIRS IN LIVING THINGS
Prophet [[Muhammad]], being who he was, did not have access to a microscope or a good Level 1 biology textbook. Therefore, he could not have known about asexual organisms, parthenogenetic organisms, hermaphrodites, or Schizophyllum commune.
It was all too easy for him to observe male and female humans, camels, dogs, and even devils, jinns, and angels. But as he had no idea about micro-organisms and herpetology he was unaware that he was mistaken in his belief that all creatures came in males and females.

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