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Allah and Muhammad in the Clouds

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Images can easily be doctored by using Photoshop or a similar software program. Even if we accept the image is genuine, we have to consider the fact that cloud formations are constantly changing and are therefore limitless in design, making them an easy source of pareidolia. The image that is recognized by the viewer is dependent upon the angle and time at which the cloud is being viewed from, and hence the photo.
Furthermore, the lettering in this photo is different in style to the lettering found within other "miraculous" images spelling out Allah (e.g. the [[Honeycomb AllahWritten In or On Various Things#Bees_Spell_Out_Allah|bees-wax]]) even though they are all supposed to be creating the same word. If these pictures are instances of a deity writing his own name, then all his writings should be very similar in style; but they are not. Those who claim that these are miraculous signs from Allah, need to explain why they differ so much in style. Surely they are written by the same hand?

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