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Islam and the People of the Book

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{{Main|Joseph the Pedophile A Case of Christian Hypocrisy|l1=Joseph the Pedophile: A Case of Christian Hypocrisy?|A Refutation of 'The Islamophobe's Glass House'}}
A refutation of This article refutes the e-book ''The Islamophobe's Glass House: Refuting the Claim claim that Prophet Muhammad was a Pedophile'' by Ibn al-Hashimi. In his introduction titled "The Glass House"Joseph, the author reveals that husband of Mary (the first way he is going to prove Muhammad mother of Jesus Christ), was not a pedophile is by applying the logical fallacy of ''ad hominem , a popular yet erroneous tu quoqueargument used to defend Prophet Muhammad''s pedophilic marriage to Aisha. His first claim is that Jewish law permits a man to marry a girl as young as three years Upon reading the non-canonical apocrypha, the Christian equivalent of ageda`if (weak) or maudu (fabricated) hadith, and Christian law permits a man to marry a girl as young as seven we find it does not say Mary married Joseph when she was aged only 12. It in fact says she was possibly 17 years of age. He also brings up at the time the marriage was eventually consummated, if ever (Mary's perpetual virginity, the belief that Maryremained a virgin her entire life, is an essential article of faith for the mother majority of Jesus, and the world's Christians). The most decisive argument against the claim that Joseph. Relying on 2nd century AD was a pedophile is the fact that the same non-canonical (not considered to be Christian scripture) writings, the author attempts which are used to parallel gather information on Josephand Mary's actions with those age, also confirm Mary's status as "ever virgin" (in The History of Muhammad. Both claims are falseJoseph the Carpenter, and the author fails to prove that the label of Jesus says on Joseph's death "pedophilemy mother, virgin undefiled" is inaccurate for a 54-year-old man who has sexual intercourse with a nine-year-old girl).
===What Islamic scripture and scholars say about the People of the Book===

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