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Quranic Claim of Everything Created in Pairs

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Based on Overall however it has been scientifically agreed that this statement rings true and this is one of the existence many scientific wonders of the schizophyllum commune, Quran. Many people try and asexual, hermaphroditic and parthenogenetic organismsargue against this case with the arguments shown above, however if you take the literal meaning of the generalisation then the Qur'anic verses about Allah creating all creatures truth remains that everything actually is created in pairs . From your your double helixed DNA to your amino acids to the type of cells you can have (prokaryotic, eukaryotic) aswell as in Physcics (male and femaleneutrons, antineutrons) is refuted.  The ancient Chinese Yin-Yang duality principle proves that the spurious Muslim This claim of ‘creation in pairs’ to mean matter antimatter complements to be unremarkable. Besidesthe holy Quran has been proved true, some Hindus make similar claims about the Rig-Veda through many years of argument by science as the Islamists make about the Qur'an about scriptural allusions to matter and antimatter.  In reality, such claims of scientific foreknowledge can be made for any ancient text, for example the [[NATVRAE MIRABILIS ORIGINISQVE DIVINAE GEORGICAE VERGILII|Georgica]]9th August 2012
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