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Quranic Claim of Everything Created in Pairs

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The case against the Qur'an is really very simple. All one has to do is to show that not all creatures are ‘created’ in pairs. Our opinion though is that [[Muhammad]p.b.u.h ], being who he was, didn’t have access to a microscope or a good Level 1 biology textbook. Therefore, he could not have known about asexual organismsthat everything in the world is created out of two pairs. This discovery is extremely recent in scientific research and begs us to ask, parthenogenetic organismsif not from God, hermaphrodites, or Schizophyllum communehow excatly did Muhammad p.b.u. h know this?
It was all too easy for Muhammad to observe male and female humans, camels, dogs, and even devils, jinns, and angels. But as he had no idea about micro-organisms and herpetology he was unaware that he was mistaken in his belief that all creatures came in males and females.
The alternative theses are also interesting: either Allah forgot he created asexual, parthenogenetic, and hermaphroditic organisms; Allah forgot to tell [[Gabriel‎|Jibreel]]; Jibreel didn’t listen to Allah; or Jibreel forgot to tell Muhammad.
Given this glaring mistake that all creatures are created in (male-female) pairs it is clear that Muhammad made up the Qur'an.
===The Qur'an leaves out asexual organisms===
(Note that hydra and jellyfish and many primarily asexual organisms are also capable of sexual reproduction – however many simple organisms like bacterial, yeasts and Fungi Imperfecti are totally asexual).
===The Qur'an leaves out hermaphrodites===
Some creatures, including plants, are totally hermaphrodites. For example, sponges, snails, the slug-like sea hare, and some kinds of deep-sea arrow worms are hermaphrodites, that is, they have both sexes in one body.<ref>David Pratt - [ Sex and Sexuality (part 2)] - Exploring Theosophy, April 2002</ref>
Some creatures also change their sex during their life-cycles: Quahogs (hard-shell clams) are born and grow up male, but later half of them turn female. Slipper shells and cup and saucer shells do this too; they commence every season as males, but nearly all of them later pass through a phase of ambisexuality and turn into adult females. Some species change sex depending on their environment, such as the marine worm Ophryotrocha, if the portly young females are later underfed they revert back into males again. Some fish can also change sex spontaneously, for example some groupers and guppies.
Some Muslims may try to claim that hermaphrodites are actually a male-female pair as both sexes are included in the one organism. It may be that in a population some hermaphrodites act as males while others act as females. This claim, of course, would be totally dishonest as a hermaphrodite, by definition, is both male and female at once, even if performing one of its sexual functions at the one time.
===The Qur'an leaves out parthenogenetic organisms===
{{Quote||According to the theoretical physics developed in the twentieth century the principle of Yin Yang and the use of paradox persist; when there is matter there must also be antimatter.<ref>Joan Eckersley - [ Ancient Chinese Wisdom] - Brisbane Theosophical Society, March 1, 2002</ref>}}
Thus, it is hardly miraculous for the Qur'an to claim ‘creation in pairs’ of all things known and unknown when the ancient Chinese already believed in a remarkably similar duality principle at least two thousand years before Islam.
===Other religious text===
It is also claimed that the Purusha sukta from Yajuraranayaka (3:13, 33& 34) alluded to antimatter, dark matter and black holes.<ref>Dr K B N Sarma - [ Origin Of The Universe - A Vedic Perspective] - Sulekha, August 6, 2003</ref>
===Scientific view on claim===
Overall however it has been scientifically agreed that this statement rings true and this is one of the many scientific wonders of the Quran. Many people try and argue against this case with the arguments shown above, however if you take the literal meaning of the generalisation then the truth remains that everything actually is created in pairs. From your your double helixed DNA to your amino acids to the type of cells you can have (prokaryotic, eukaryotic) aswell as in Physcics (neutrons, antineutrons).
This claim in the holy Quran has been proved true, through many years of argument by science as of 9th August 2012.
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