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At that time, it was okay to have sex with 9 year olds in Arabia. It was a cultural norm
====At that time, it was okay to have sex with 9 year olds in Arabia. It was a cultural norm====
As they themselves have left behind no written records, there is ''no'' evidence of pedophilic marriages being accepted among the non-Muslim Arabs of Muhammad's time. The only sources we have are Muslim sources, so to claim that such a marriage was a cultural norm among all Arabs is baseless conjecture.Besides that, there is a hadith, where people found Muhammad kissing children and told him "But we, wallahi, we do not kiss children!". <ref>'A'isha (Allah be pleased with her) reported that there came a few desert Arabs to Allah's Messenger (ﷺ) and said: Do you kiss your children? He said: Yes. Thereupon they said: By Allah but we do not kiss our children ( لَكِنَّا وَاللَّهِ مَا نُقَبِّلُ). Thereupon Allah's Messenger (ﷺ) said: Then what can I do if Allah has deprived you of mercy? Ibn Numair said: (We has deprived) your heart of mercy. {{Muslim|30|5735}}</ref> How is it possible that kissing children was not ok, but having sex with them was?
During the Medieval period it was the norm in Jewish Middle Eastern cultures for girls to be given in marriage when they were [[Aisha and Puberty|12-13 years old]],<ref>''[[W:Nashim|Kiddushin]]'' ([[W:tosafot|tosafot]]) 41a</ref> coinciding perfectly with the average age at menarche in the Medieval Middle East which was also 12-13 years.<ref name=""></ref> A large age gap between the spouses was also opposed,<ref>''[[W:Yebamot|Yebamot]]'' 44a</ref><ref>''Sanhedrin'' 76a</ref> yet the age gap between Muhammad and Aisha was a massive 45 years.
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