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Character of Muhammad

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The Muslim attempt to defend a single Bukhari quote is ignorant of other quotes where he ordered the mutilation and bleeding to death of many Bedouins who left Islam and robbed camels of a Muslim. [[Abu Bakr]] set an example of following Muhammad when he killed unknown number of ex-Muslims as a caliph.<ref>Tabari: Vol. 2, p. 5</ref><ref>''The Encyclopaedia of Islam''. New Edition. Vol.1, p.110</ref> <ref name="Griffel">{{cite book|author=Frank Griffel|title=Apostasie und Toleranz im Islam: die Entwicklung zu al-Ġazālīs Urteil gegen die Philosophie und die Reaktionen der Philosophen|url=|year=2000|publisher=BRILL|isbn=90-04-11566-8|pages=61|language=German}}</ref>
== Honesty ==
Lots of Muslims say "our prophet was a very honest man, he was renowned for his honesty in Mecca, Khadija proposed to him because of his honesty" et. al. This is hard to believe. How many rich women in the world choose a man because of his honesty and not his wealth or his earning capacity? How many Muslim women choose a bridegroom like Khadija did? By the way, how many Muslim women choose a bridegroom? Women's suppression in Islam is a popular reality.
Muslims also try to cite sources like this questions site did.<ref></ref> This URL gives two citations for Muhammad's honesty and you find both of them false on a thorough search.
Why all the propaganda is spread about his honesty? It rules out the chances to raise any doubts about Muhammad's prophethood. Muhammad is honest, although according to poor or false sources. So then, nobody will say he is faking his conversation with Allah.

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