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Questions to Ask About Islam

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Prophet Muhammad: the irony of peace be upon him (pbuh)
# In Islam, Muhammad is given the honor of being the [[Uswa Hasana|uswa hasana]]. He is viewed as "the perfect model of conduct for all Muslims," and Allah asserts his morality as being “sublime”.<ref>"''And most surely you conform (yourself) to sublime morality.''" - {{Quran|68|4}}</ref> So what crime exactly has [[Osama bin Laden]] committed which Muhammad [[Qur'an, Hadith and Scholars:Muhammad|did not]]?
# Unlike Muhammad,<ref name="pedophilia"></ref> Osama bin Laden is not a known pedophile. Doesn't this mean that the world's most notorious terrorist is in fact a more moral man than the founder of Islam?
# Why does Allah (or possibly Muhammad)<ref></ref> want millions of Muslims all over the world to repeatedly and compulsorily say "Peace be upon him" after uttering Muhammad's name, nearly every day for the last 1400 years? The followers of Jesus, Buddha or other religious figures and deities are never required to utter similar words or plead so much for peace to be upon them. Doesn't this ironically highlight the enormity of Muhammad's crimes?
===Jesus Christ===

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