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Hi Windows7Guy100. Your edits are either factually incorrect, not suitable for this site (i.e. your additions in articles make no sense and you seemingly do not understand what the page is about), or require clean up by other editors, so please do not make any more edits to our main space articles. Thank you. [[User:Sahab|--Sahab]] ([[User talk:Sahab|talk]]) 02:01, 1 April 2015 (PDT)
:Good call. --[[User:Axius|Axius]] <span style="font-size:88%">([[User_talk:Axius|talk]] <nowiki>|</nowiki> [[Special:Contributions/Axius|contribs]])</span> 02:18, 1 April 2015 (PDT)
::Windows7Guy100 is now blocked from editing. Instead of editing existing articles with inaccurate material, he has now moved onto creating brand new pages with inaccurate material (without and messing with our templates. Without Islam there would be no modern math. Really? Someone forgot to [[How_Islamic_Inventors_Did_Not_Change_The_World#The_system_of_numbering|tell the Indians]] that, since it's their numbering system westerners use. Or that other religions in the Middle East would take the place of Islamic extremists? Apparently someone forgot to [[Muslim_Statistics_-_Terrorism#Economic_and_Social_Conditions|tell non-Muslim Palestinians]] that they should become suicide bombers) and messing with our templates. [[User:Sahab|--Sahab]] ([[User talk:Sahab|talk]]) 19:55, 24 April 2015 (PDT)

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