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Questions to Ask About Islam

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# Muslims always attack the Christian concept of Original sin and the Hindu/Buddhist concept of Karma. So how do you explain innocent children being born with Aids or being born deformed? Is it "Allah's will" to make innocent children suffer? Does he think it’s funny to create Hermaphrodites and Schizophrenics?
# Why does Islam [[Concerns with Islam: Adoption|ban adoption]]?<ref>"''"God did not make your adopted son as your own sons. To declare them so is your empty claim. God's word is righteous and constitutes true guidance."''" - {{Quran|33|4}}</ref><ref>Ekram Ibrahim - [ Orphanage day puts adoption in spotlight] - Al-Masry Al-Youm, April 1, 2010</ref> What's so evil about it?
# Little children may believe in Cinderella talking to birds and mice and stuffor even in Santa Clause. What makes you smarter than a child if you believe that Suleiman, as the Qur'an says,<ref>"''Till, when they reached the Valley of the Ants, an ant exclaimed: O ants! Enter your dwellings lest Solomon and his armies crush you, unperceiving. And (Solomon) smiled, laughing at her speech, and said: My Lord, arouse me to be thankful for Thy favour wherewith Thou hast favoured me and my parents, and to do good that shall be pleasing unto Thee, and include me in (the number of) Thy righteous slaves.''" - {{cite quran|27|18|end=19|style=ref}}</ref> was talking to ants?
# Why do you say there's no compulsion in religion even though the hadith says<ref>"''Narrated As-Saburah: The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: Command a boy to pray when he reaches the age of seven years. When he becomes ten years old, then beat him for prayer.''" - {{Abu Dawud|2|494}}</ref> you should hit kids who don't pray?
# Do babies who die and will die go to Hell if they are Non-Muslim?

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