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WikiIslam:Policies and Guidelines

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Content: for quality control
Copying and pasting articles from other sites is not allowed. Nor is, for various reasons, copying and pasting articles from Wikipedia. However, there are some exceptions to this rule e.g. where a suitable Wikipedia article is going to be deleted or has been deleted. If something specific is being quoted from another site, it should be made clear that it is a quotation.
===Quality Control===
As these guidelines mention content on WikiIslam must be of high quality. Articles in user space or sandboxes are not indexed by search engines and do not have to abide by guidelines unless its a serious issue (such as advocating genocide). Policies only apply when a temporary article is ready to be moved into the main space. Application of guidelines to a temporary page can restrict the freedom that editors have and can limit creativity.
[[WikiIslam:Pending Changes Protection|Reviewing edits]] takes time and energy. Except for minor edits and corrections, new editors should not edit or create main space articles until they prove they are able to make good contributions and display good judgement and until they receive the Editor or Reviewer flag. Until then they should restrict any significant edits and page creations to userspace and sandboxes which allow them to freedom in work on content in any way they like. Editors are welcome to ask for feedback on any temporary or sandbox content at any time.
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