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Quranic Claim of Everything Created in Pairs

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Apologetic Claim
The Qur’aan here says that everything is created in pairs, including things that the humans do not know at present and may discover later.}}
Some apologists also claim the mere existence of antimatter complements to matter, without regard to their relative abundance (matter dominates in our universe after the first second post the Big Bang) proves the validity of the ‘creation in pairs’ [[Qur'an|Qur'anic]] verses, particularly 43:12, 51:49, and especially 36:36 (as in “pairs of things unknown to them”). The ‘things unknown to them’ part supposedly refers to our modern understanding of particle physics.
The British physicist Paul Dirac, who discovered that matter was created in pairs, won the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1933. This finding, known as "parity," revealed the duality known as matter and antimatter. Antimatter bears the opposite characteristics to matter. For instance, contrary to matter, antimatter electrons are positive and protons negative.
{{Quote|{{Quran|51|49}}| And all things We have created by pairs, that haply ye may reflect.}}
Some apologists may try to argue that some not all of these verses do not convey the message that ‘''all creatures''’ are created in pairs, taking the literal or metaphorical sense whichever and whenever suits them best.
For example, they may claim that verse 13:3 refers only to fruits, or that verse 36:36 refers only to things grown from the Earth (i.e. plants). However verses 43:12 and 51:49 make it absolutely clear that Allah created all creatures in pairs. There is no ambiguity.

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