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Quranic Claim of Everything Created in Pairs

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Some Muslims apologists strive to prove the validity of the [[Qur'an]] through the supposed [[Islam and Science|scientific]] foreknowledge enclosed therein.
Typically, they quote vague verses amenable to multiple interpretations and then choose the few interpretations to suit their aims. Some of these are even quite convincing, particularly when articulated by knowledgeable Islamists apologists and where absolute proof is impossible due to the nature of the question.
One of these claims which we will examine here is that Allah created all creatures in pairs, male and female.
{{Quote|{{Quran|51|49}}| And all things We have created by pairs, that haply ye may reflect.}}
Note Some may try to argue that , due to the ‘richness "richness of the [[Arabic]] language’ and because Allah made the Qur'an 'clear and easy to understand'language", some apologists may try to argue that at least some of these verses do not convey the message that ‘''all creatures''’ are created in pairs, taking the literal or metaphorical sense whichever and whenever suits them best.
For example, a disingenuous Muslim they may claim that verse 13:3 refers only to fruits, or that verse 36:36 refers only to things grown from the Earth (i.e. plants). However verses 43:12 and 51:49 make it absolutely clear that Allah created all creatures in pairs. There is no ambiguity.
We will ignore the following verses, recognizing the possibility of relevance solely to humans. Further, their inclusion does not detract from our arguments.
The case against the apologists' claim is really very simple. All one has to do is to show that not all creatures are ‘created’ in pairs.
===The Qur'an leaves out asexual organisms===
===Other religious text===
Muslims Muslim apologists are not unique among religious polemicists who reinterpret ancient scriptures in the light of modern science. Dr. Raja Ram Mohan Roy, a physical scientist, in “VEDIC PHYSICS: Scientific Origin of Hinduism; Golden Egg Publishing”<ref>{{cite web|url=|title= Review of Books/VEDIC PHYSICS: Scientific Origin of Hinduism|publisher= IndiaStar|author= Ramesh N. Rao|date= accessed February 14, 2011|archiveurl=|deadurl=yes}}</ref> makes such a claim that the Rig Veda already presaged the modern scientific understanding of matter antimatter complements.
{{Quote|[{{Reference archive|1=|2=2011-02-14}} Re - Reading the Rig Veda]<BR>Dr Ramesh N. Rao, June 25, 1999|Thus the contracting universe is "Martanda", the living universe Vivasvana, the first pair of particle and anti-particle (matter and antimatter) are "Yama" and "Manu", the early part of the universe when the surface tension was the most important force constraining the expansion of the universe the battle between these two forces is the immortalized epic battle of Indra and Vrtra.}}
Prophet [[Muhammad]], being who he was, did not have access to a microscope or a good Level 1 biology textbook. Therefore, he could not have known about asexual organisms, parthenogenetic organisms, hermaphrodites, or Schizophyllum commune.
It was all too easy for him to observe male and female humans, camels, dogs, and even devils, jinns, and angels. But as he had no idea about micro-organisms and herpetology he was unaware that he was mistaken in his belief that all creatures came in males and females.

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