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The Ultimate Message of the Qur'an

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The purpose of this article is to reveal whether Prophet [[Muhammad]] intended [[Islam]] to be a vehicle of peace or a force of violence.
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== Surah Nine==
Chapter 9 of the [[Qur'an]]- ''Al Taubah'' (Repentance) is considered to be the closing remarks of [[Allah]]. The only Surah (chapter‎) said to have been revealed after this is ''Al Nasr'' (Victory), which consists of only a few verses. Considering the apparent militant disposition of Islam; it should not come as a big surprise to learn that this final chapter is not at all about making peace among the people, but about dividing it into the domain of believers ([[Dar al-Islam]]) and unbelievers (dar al-kufr) with the aim of preserving endless enmity between the two. Provided it is read in context, this chapter is essential for non-Muslims who would like to know what Allah commands of Muslims in their affairs. [[Sahih]] Muslim testifies to this being the last chapter revealed by the God of Muhammad:
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