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Quranic Claim of Everything Created in Pairs

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The Qur'an leaves out Schizophyllum commune
===The Qur'an leaves out Schizophyllum commune===
Schizophyllum commune is the world's most widely distributed fungus, occurring on every continent except Antarctica. It is known to have more than 28,000 distinct sexes.<ref>Professor Tom Volk - [{{Reference archivecite web|1url=|2title=2011-02-11}} Schizophyllum commune, the split gill fungus] - |publisher= University of Wisconsin, |author= Prof. Tom Volk|date= February 2000|archiveurl=|deadurl=no}}</ref>
As long as two parental strains are of different mating types they are able to mate and form fertile offspring. The enormous number of sexes is meant to encourage non-sibling mating and non-relative mating, which ensures genetic diversity in the population.

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