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Have you ever pondered that there are only "Barbaric Physical" punishments in Islam & no imprisonment? For example:

  • Theft (Sariqa, السرقة): Punishment is cutting hands
  • Highway robbery (Qat' al-Tariq, قطع الطريق): Punishment is amputation of hands or feet
  • Illegal sexual intercourse (Zina', الزنا): Punishment is Flogging
  • False accusation of zina (Qadhf, القذف)[3]: Punishment is Flogging
  • Drinking alcohol (Shurb al-Khamr, شرب الخمر): Punishment is Flogging
  • Apostasy (Irtidād or Ridda, ارتداد أو ردّه): Punishment is Flogging

Why only physical punishments?


Prophet Muhammad came in the Arab Society, which was very backward and there were no prisons there. Therefore, Muhammad's vision was not beyond this in case of awarding punishments for these crimes.

Afterwards Muslims got victories and Islamic Caliphate became very rich and they also got the prisons, but these "barbaric physical punishments" didn't change in the name of "Sharia" i.e. Islamic Law till today.

Muslims claim that only Allah has the right to make Sharia (Islamic Laws), and only Allah has the right to change them. If any human being or Islamic State try to amend any Sharia Laws, then they will become apostate themselves. They believe, since the Sharia brought by Muhammad was the last Sharia, therefore it's rules are not going to be changed till Judgement Day.

This is the reason we see all these barbaric Physical Punishments still being carried out even today after 14 centuries of demise of Prophet Muhammad.

Same physical punishment for bigger or smaller crime

If you have stolen millions of dollars from Bank, then your punishment is cutting of hands. But if one has stolen small things of 1/4th of Dinar price (like a pair of shoes, clothes etc.), then again his hands are going to be cut off. So Islam is not distinguishing between bigger or smaller crime while giving these barbaric physical punishments.

Also remember that Islam does not allows the State to forgive the punishment of theft & fornication & apostasy etc. This means once you have been caught stealing, then no one can save you from the physical punishment and you have absolutely no chance to repent. This makes it super dangerous Barbaric religion.