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Greetings my friends. I try to get around WikiIslam and make sure I do not break things. If I do, please do let me know here.

My nickname, Graves, is for a reason. To give about 25% of the information, if my Muslim ancestors not only submitted to Islam, but really knew about it and how they were lied, they would've turned in their Graves

Insofar, the following I plan on writing to WikiIslam,

  • List of known commonly dishonestly Muslim-translated parts of the Quran - seems like this is something that should already on the website, but apparently not. While researching Islam, I noticed that across multiple languages beginning from at least about 2000s, the same parts of the Quran are mistranslated. Whether it's "makr" (deceit), "Allah being the best of creators", "'We' having fun with themselves", "Book meaning Quran", "Sun in the muddy spring", "Lord of the Worlds" etc. Whoever writes the article needs to make sure that he pre-existing articles are re-used and cross-references; as well as that it's within the scope of WikiIslam

Other ideas,

  • Al Kafi - the sub-page of the "Shia hadiths", where we analyse his work, his works' structure. There are latter 3-rd party Islamic leaders marking his hadiths, sometimes one saying that X is sahih, and Y says it's daeef. No references for either, no analysis, no nothing. And there is a seemingly plethera of evidence that Al Kafi compiled his hadiths in the order of authenticity (most authentic hadiths in the beginning, least authentic in the end). Whichever is the case, someone needs to investigate this.
  • Suicide in Islam - Is it really prohibited, and is it really the same as it is understand in the West? This should be an easy article to write, very much not NSFW, just quick-n-easy exposing on what the Quran teaches the whereabouts of those who lose life
  • "Honey" in Islam - isn't really honey made by the bees. This is a word that actually means something dirty, covered up by the Muslim scholars. This is definitely the case, but the argument is still work-in-progress, and once I'm sure I'm not misrepresenting Muhammad here, it will be out.

Regardless, this is a good page for me know of something.

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