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Description of project

The iDebater is in essence a collection of interlinked pages. The idea is to provide apologists a chance to debate on the computer about any aspect of Islam. They will be given a question and presented with multiple choices. Each of those choices leads to a new question with its own multiple choice responses and so on.

If you are an apologist and would like to test your ability to defend Islam, the iDebater can help. This series is accessible with a site wide link "Test your faith in Islam" and is written in a neutral tone. The series is mainly for people who land on our site through search queries and other means.

Test Debate

Is morality in Islam absolute or relative?

Is a pre-pubescent nine-year-old a child or an adult?

  • A child is defined as a person between birth and puberty who has not attained maturity or the age of legal majority.[1] According to the UN's Convention on the Rights of the Child, a child means every human being below the age of eighteen years unless under the law applicable to the child, majority is attained earlier.[2]
  • An adult is defined as a person who has attained maturity or legal age, and biologically-speaking it means a fully grown, mature organism.[3]

Is it wrong for an adult man to have sex with a child?

Do you believe that people should be killed for changing their religious beliefs?

Do you believe the information about Aisha's age at the consummation of her marriage to Muhammad is incorrect?

Question Tree

To do:

  • Start from audience as "Convert to Islam"
This page is part of the IDebater series.

{{page title|What is your worldview?}} What is your worldview? I am a:

  • Muslim:
    • Sunni
    • Shi'ite
    • Other denomination
  • Non-Muslim and my view of Islam is
    • favorable. Are you thinking of converting to Islam?
      • No
      • Yes
    • Neutral
    • Unfavorable

  • Were you born as a Muslim or are you a convert to Islam?
    • Convert: Why did you convert to Islam?
      • My current religion was not fulfilling my spiritual needs
      • Miracles in Quran
      • Large number of followers
      • I learnt that Muhammad had a great character
      • I liked what the followers told me
      • I learnt Islam is a great religion that has been hijacked by extremists.
      • Other reason (please tell us)
    • Born: A very tiny percentage of people change the religion into which they were born. A Muslim who is born into Islam has not chosen it consciously as their religion, but has only followed their ways of their family and culture. Questions:
      • Do you think those who were born as non-Muslims should be punished for not converting to Islam?
        • Yes
          • Do you think a non-Muslim who spends his money helping out poor people and giving to charity is better human being than a Muslim who mistreats his wife and is disliked by everyone?
            • Yes: Then a nice non-Muslim should not be punished for not converted to Islam.
            • No: How do you know Muhammad was telling the truth when he said he was a messenger of God?
        • No: Quran 48:13 says they will burn in hell. In any case if they wont be punished, what is the purpose of Islam?
        • I dont know. Allah knows best: Quran 48:13 says clearly they will burn in Hellfire.
  • (provide range of Muslims from very moderate to hardcore extremist. Branch off from there and ask appropriate questions, for each type of Muslim)


  • Critics who attack critics of Islam: e.g. There is no one Islam, it all depends on interpretation, Muslims are the victims of Islamists themselves, making allegations on the critics that they think that any and all Muslims are in the same category as terrorists


  • Muslim
    • Moderate
    • Liberal
    • Fundamentalist
    • Convert to Islam
  • non-Muslim
    • Christian
    • Non-religious

Separate question trees for the above specific audience types.

Question formatting

Questions should be formatted in a neutral way, according to the topic of the question. Questions should not be mentioned in the title. Examples are:

  • ID: Inheritance Rights for Women

Fields (for form):

  • Question number (4 digit)
  • Text of question
  • Page Title
  • Responses

Muhammad and Aisha

This part of the iDebater will deal with questions relating to Muhammad and Aisha.

Topics include:

  • Had Aisha reached puberty?
    • Was Aisha older than 14 years old?
    • Did Mohammed waited 3 years for Aisha to reach Puberty?
    • Was Muhammad sexually attracted to Aisha?
    • Was Aisha harmed physically or psychologically?
  • Mohammad had mature wives and thus could not be a pedophile
  • Muhammad's marriage was culturally acceptable
  • Muhammad married Aisha for the right reasons
  • Islam does not accept the concept of Pedophilia
    • The concept of pedophilia was only defined in the 19th century
    • Man from 7th century cannot be judged by standards of 21st century
    • It is unfair to judge Muhammad by western standards
    • Application of Secular laws to Muhammad