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Miracle of Golden ratio for Ka'ba

Several Islamic propagandists are circulating a cleverly presented claim that the distance from North and South poles to Ka'ba forms the golden ratio of 1.618.

But as we see that,

Coordinates of Ka'ba : 21.4225° N, 39.8261° E

Degrees from North pole : 90 - 21.4225 = 68.5775

Degrees from South pole : 90 + 21.4225 = 111.4225

Ratio : 111.4225/68.5775 = 1.6247675987.

The origin of the hoax seems to be Turkey with a well-funded documentary circulating throughout the Youtube site.

"Miracle" images in Space

Not related to Islam, but is bound to come in handy in the future to refute possible claims:

"X" Structure at Core of Whirlpool Galaxy (M51)

'Crown of Thorns' Galaxy Photographed in Space,2933,513038,00.html

Giant 'Hand' Reaches Across Space,2933,512767,00.html