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Aishas Age of Consummation

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First Argument: Number of Narrators: Added link detailing non Hisham isnads
This is a classic ''Straw man''. There is no requirement in Islam for multiple narrations. Even a single sahih hadith is sufficient to establish Islamic laws and practices.
Shaykh Gibril Haddad also refutes the claim that most of these narratives are reported only by Hisham ibn 'Urwah.
{{Quote|{{cite web quotebox|url=|title= Our Mother A'isha's Age At The Time Of Her Marriage to The Prophet|publisher= SunniPath|author= Shaykh Gibril F Haddad|series=Question ID: 4604|date= July 3, 2005|archiveurl=|deadurl=no}}|2=Try more than eleven authorities among the Tabi`in that reported it directly from `A'isha, not counting the other major Companions that reported the same, nor other major Successors that reported it from other than `A'isha.}}
Details of many of these other chains of narration that do not include Hisham ibn 'Urwah ibn az-Zubayr can be found in the first half of an [ article by the IslamQA] website.
===Second Argument: Locality===
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