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There are some online resources available for Islamic studies which make the work done here easier.

Resources in Arabic

A number of resources are available online for Islamic studies in Arabic. The following site offers an extensive, searchable database of hadith in Arabic:

Searchable Hadith database:

The following site offers an extensive list of tasfirs in Arabic. You can select the Quranic verse for which you want commentary, and have access to the commentary from most of the major orthodox Sunni mufassirun:

Searchable Tafsir database:

Al-Maktaba is a massive database of Islamic religious texts and writings in Arabic. There are two main front end interfaces:


Turath offers a simpler database and also a downloadable app for the desktop. Al-Maktaba offers a richer interface and more options for search and parsing the texts, but both are accessing the same basic database of texts.

Resources in English

The main resource in English used by WikiIslam is QuranX:

QuranX contains English translations of all of the major orthodox Sunni hadith and tafsir collections as well as multiple translations of the Qur'an along with the original Arabic. WikiIslam templates utilize QuranX for the Qur'an and Hadith quotes. These templates will automatically link to the specified Quran or Hadith passage on QuranX. Please see WikiIslam:Citing, Linking, and Quoting and WikiIslam:How to Edit for more info on how to use these templates.