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Online Community Manager Intern

We are a wiki website that focuses on the criticism of Islam. Please see our About and FAQ pages for additional information. We are looking for an Social Psychology intern or student who can help increase editing activity on the website and identify issues that prevent an increase in such activity. We have a long lists of tasks that we need editors to do. You will not be involved in these tasks but you'll be looking at how to increase editing activity so we can get these tasks done.

You may take this role if:

  • you are seeking an internship, or
  • you are doing a project about Online Communities, or
  • you are writing a research paper where you could write about what you learned from this experience, what you implemented and what the results were.

This is a very creative role where you have to figure out what needs to be done to attain the goals mentioned on this page.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities
  1. Primary task: Community building. Create new ways of attracting editors and building an active self-sustaining community with a positive constructive vibe
  2. Identify web interface/cognitive/psychological issues that prevent visitors from becoming editors, and editors from becoming regular editors
  3. Look at ways that can motivate people to become editors

These will be your main objectives. You can imagine that you are the owner of the website. What would you do?

Other tasks
  1. Increase high-quality editing activity.
  2. Identify problems translators face while translating the website. Make it easy for translators to do translations
  3. Also recruit volunteer editors for other languages. Coordinate with the Russian sub-domain administrators for community building.
  4. Web usability: Make it easier to browse the website and get the information people are looking for. This can include suggestions for changing the basic layout of the side (top, left, bottom areas) but this is not the only thing that may be needed.
  5. Optional task: Making the website more user friendly for readers
  6. Prior experience in website community growth, or leadership positions in other scenarios and education/experience in Web design can help (but is not required)

Required Skills/Education/Experience:

  • If you have been an editor on Wikipedia before, that can help.
  • Coursework in Psychology or Social Psychology where human-website and human-human interaction was studied (or similar coursework)
  • Creativity and a willingness to take initiative
  • Excellent written communication skills
  • Attention to detail and exceptionally organized
  • Optional: Familiarity with Mediawiki software and how it can be modified to implement changes in the interface or any part of the website (other than directly editing pages as they normally are).
Some relevant links/topics

These are some very relevant links that you should look at. They will provide some information on what you should do or how you should approach this internship. Please see these links and any additional internal links:

Policies and Guidelines

Link: Our current Policies/Guidelines

Should we create more policies that would help improve the website? For reference, here are some policy/guidelines links on Wikipedia:



  • This is not a paid internship.
  • At the end of the 3 month internship you will receive an email from us certifying the experience and the contributions you made for the website. If you need us to send an email directly to a company, we can also do that.
  • You will learn about how Social Psychology is important on a website and the people who interact on it and how to do things differently to positively impact the community. This is your main task.
  • The experience you gain can be helpful in future Online Community Manager jobs which focus on attracting editors or readers and increasing customer interaction on the website.
  • Of course you will be working from home and hours are flexible. The amount of work you want to put in is up to you.

Email us at if you are interested or if you have questions.