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Sahih Bukhari 1:1:1

This template is used to provide sources for Bukhari references from USC-MSA. It formerly produced links to the cmje website, which no longer works. We are currently using QuranX.com instead, which is able to handle USC-MSA and in-book reference conventions.

Note that all of Bukhari is Sahih.


First Parameter is the Volume Number.
Second Parameter is the Book Number.
Third Parameter is the Verse Number.
Forth Parameter (optional) is for the alternative, in-book reference system (default is USC-MSA)

To use this type with USC-MSA numbering: {{Bukhari|###|###|###}}

To use this type with In-book numbering: {{Bukhari||###|###|in-book}} (note the empty first parameter)

Example for hadiths using MSA-USC numbering


Sahih Bukhari 3:27:8

Example for the same hadith using in-book numbering


Sahih Bukhari 26:8 (In-Book Ref)