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I made a complaint to the Independent newspaper about this article, and their reply was as follows:

Dear Mr **Tate**

I have been passed your recent correspondence with my colleague Lizzie Kirkwood about an item on the Independent website from around nine years ago.

As you will appreciate, our website is an important archive of the material we have published in the past and we do not generally remove material unless there are exceptional circumstances. At nearly a decade’s remove we do not think it is appropriate to update an article of this sort, while accepting that there is ongoing debate about the origins of some of these inventions.

Kind regards Will Gore Deputy Managing Editor Tatelyle (talk) 03:28, 15 July 2015 (PDT)


To Authors of this website:

So what is your point? Muslim people did not bring any good to human history? What are you trying to prove? Please look first the history of yours (i do not know who you are by the way....)!

I congratulate you guys for this unneeded job that brings nothing to the humans!