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  • ...or prayer breaks. Once there, they would spend hours shooting handguns and AK-47s at targets on a range. These men included Mahmud Abouhalima, Mohammed S
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  • Speaking to reporters at the ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party) headquarters on Monday, Bozdağ said Turkey will tackle the issue of
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  • Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan’s AK Party, which grew out of a banned Islamist movement and has a socially cons
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  • ...errorists-with-ak-47s-celebrate.html|2=2012-09-27}} Masked terrorists with AK-47s celebrate "Mohammed - Messenger of Peace"] ''- Elder of Ziyon, Septembe
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  •' in secret camp]<BR>Daily Mail, July 10, 2011|2=Baby-faced children aim AK-47 rifles as they train for war on British troops. They are being taught ab
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  • ====How well do you know the Koran? Hand grenades and AK-47s for best Somali students==== ...N’S competition run by a Somali radio station featured hand grenades and AK-47 rifles among the top prizes for Koran-reciting and general knowledge.
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  • ...prefers to compare itself with another political model: Turkey’s ruling AK party, which though religious in its founding and nature, has stopped short
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  • ...and Libya so flagrantly traduced. Little wonder, then, that Mr. Erdogan's AK party stands for "Justice and Development," the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood
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  • ...logram of potassium, which can be used to create explosives, as well as an AK-47 assault rifle, 150 bullets and NIS 2,000 in cash that the Shin Bet said told him a bigger purchase would draw attention. He also requested an AK-47-style machine gun, Uzi submachine guns, high capacity magazines, and gre
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  • ...ay a woman who was inside the shopping centre said she locked eyes with an AK-47-wielding ‘pale-skinned woman’ with long dark hair – the same as Br
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  • ...anti-tank mines, a rocket-propelled grenade (RPG) and 21 RPG missiles, 17 AK-47s, two sub-machine guns and 76 grenades had been amongst the weapons foun
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  • of FARC. They agreed to supply ground-to-air missiles and a quantity of AK-47 assault rifles and grenade launchers in exchange for four tons of cocain ...intellectuals for voicing their views, critics have accused the governing AK Party of undermining Turkey's secular values and pandering to Islamists.
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  • ...lack metal sign cemented into the wall with the symbol of the Koran and an AK-47 crossed by a cutlass.
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  • ====Yemen: Austrian hostage appeals for ransom money with AK-47 pointed at his head (video)==== ...ik Neubauer Video: Austrian Hostage In Yemen Appeals For Ransom Money With AK-47 Pointed At His Head]<BR>Reuters, February 23, 2013|2= An Austrian man ta
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  • ...and foreign couples, were inside when the fighters armed with grenades and AK-47s burst in and opened fire. At first the attack had the indiscriminate ch ...ay a woman who was inside the shopping centre said she locked eyes with an AK-47-wielding ‘pale-skinned woman’ with long dark hair – the same as Br
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  • ...forme no era el de la IDF, y el ejército israelí no utiliza regularmente AK-47. "No crean todo lo que ven en internet," escribió el bloquero Omar Dakh
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