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  • ...chools of Islamic jurisprudence agree that the punishment for an apostate, a Muslim who renounces the faith, is death. This punishment is based on both ...ough he should offer to ransom himself with it, these it is who shall have a painful chastisement, and they shall have no helpers.}}
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  • According to [[Islamic law]], it is a criminal offense to speak ill of [[Islam]], its [[Muhammad|Prophet]], and i ...or Integration - The Muhammad Cartoons] - Encyclopedia Britannica</ref> as a result of the angry reaction from Muslims, and its continued republication
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  • ...the Sun Setting in a Muddy Spring - Part One|two-part]] article providing a comprehensive examination of the different interpretations of [[Qur'an]] 18 ...ts and rises in physical locations, and in particular that the sun sets in a muddy spring.
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  • ...|date=July 20, 2004}}</ref> The book "reveals" (according to its author), "a more moderate, sophisticated, and nuanced" interpretation of Islam than the The work is divided into sections: a brief religious biography and history of Ibn Abd al-Wahhab, his "theology a
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  • labia, whose cut edges are then stitched together to form, once healed, a seal that covers both the openings of the vagina and the urethra. Infibulat ...Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting: a Global Concern (2016)]</ref> Assuming a world population of 7.9 billion, this means that about one in twenty girls
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  • ...the picture of race, ethnicity, and what may be called "race-relations" is a complicated one in the Islamic tradition. ...ough as mentioned in the introduction, Islamic anti-Semitism is covered in a separate article).
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  • ...e chybné, protože dokonce už před rokem 1258, se Abbásovská říše rozpadala a upadala. ...řišli před nimi. Zároveň předáváním řeckých, římských, indických, perských a egyptských znalostí (''některé'' z nich ''mohly'' být ztraceny, nebýt
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  • ...aims to represent the most rigorous academic insights on the topic, and is a collaboration between our contributors and the top Quranic linguists and ep The Qur'an is claimed to be a revelation from [[Allah]] to Prophet [[Muhammad]] through the Angel [[Gabri
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  • ...islámským]] prorokem [[Mohamed|Mohamedem]] a jeho šestiletou nevěstou [[Aiša|Aišou]]. ====Korán netvrdí, že si Mohamed vzal Aišu, když jí bylo 6 a měl s ní sex, když jí bylo 9====
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  • for Muslim scholars throughout the ages, and Muslim scholars have spent a great deal of time writing about how, when, where, why, and in what fashion ...i/Abu_Yusuf Yaqub ibn Ibrahim al-Ansari (Abu Yusuf)]</span> (d. 798) was a student of legist Abu Hanifah and helped spread the influence of the Hanafi school.
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