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Muslim Statistics - Terrorism

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==Economic and Social Conditions==
When Muslims and non-Muslims belonging to the same society are faced with the same situationseconomic and social conditions, Muslim are sometimes (e.g. as in the following case) infinitely more likely to turn to terrorism than their non-Muslim counterparts.
{{Quote|2004|The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has thrown together a wide range of disparate groups... '''All have used more or less the same''' tactics, and all, with the exception of PFLP, use the same '''Islamic rhetoric in order to describe the martyr and their mission'''. '''There is no commonality between the martyrs''', as rich, poor and middle class, young and old, men, women and children, educated and non-educated, have all participated in martyrdom operations... '''Of the Palestinian society, only Christian Arabs thus far have not taken part in martyrdom operations'''. <ref>{{cite web|url=| title = Radical Islam and Martyrdom Operations: What Should the United States Do?| publisher = James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy Rice University| author = Dr. David Bryan Cook| date = 2004| page = 12| archiveurl =| deadurl = yes}}</ref>}}

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