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Wikipedia: not all commentators are western
Wikipedia discourages the use of primary and what they term as "non-notable/reliable" sources. WikiIslam, on the other hand, encourages the use of authentic primary religious text and the rulings of authoritative Muslim scholars who may not be notable to people outside of the Muslim world but who are giants from within.
Wikipedia focuses on "verifiability, not truth".<ref>[{{Reference archive|1=,_not_truth|2=2012-02-10}} "Verifiability, not truth"], Wikipedia, accessed February 10, 2012.</ref> In regards to Islam, it has meant they accept what "notable/reliable" western commentators say about its religious text and Muslims over what the religious text and Muslims actually say themselves. Conversely, WikiIslam accepts what the religious text and Muslims say over the opinions and interpretations of third-party western commentators.
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