Uthman ibn Affan

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Born 'Uthman bin 'Affaan
c. 573
Taif, Arabia (present day Saudi Arabia)
Died c. 17 June 656 (age 79 or 80)
Other names Khalifat Rasul Allah (Viceroy to the Apostle of Allah)
Successor 'Ali ibn Abi Talib
Spouse "Umm 'Amr"

Asma bint Abi Jahl

Ruqayyah bint Muhammad

Umm Kulthum bint Muhammad

Fakhitah bint Ghazwan

Umm al-Banin bint Uyayna

Fatima bint al-Walid

Daughter of Khalid ibn Asid

Umm 'Amr Umm Najm bint Jundub

Ramla bint Shayba


Na'ila bint al-Furafisa

Zaynab bint Hayyan (concubine)

Uthman was the third caliph of the Islamic State, following Abu Bakr. A companion of the prophet, Uthman was married to Muhammad's daughter Ruqayya and was close to him during his time in Medina, although the tradition seems to indicate he was not at the Battle of Badr. Taking over the caliphate from his predecessor Umar, Uthman continued the expansion of the jihad state though not in as spectacular a fashion as his predecessor. A man enamored of pomp and luxury, his favoring of his own family and clan for governorships of the newly conquered territory would set the stage for later conflicts within the Muslim caliphate and ummah. He also undertook as standardization of the text of the Qur'an which involved burning variant readings not approved by his government. He was succeeded as caliph following his death by Ali.

Early Life

Conversion to Islam and Marriage to the Prophet's Daughter

Death of Muhammad

Succession to Umar

Military Conquests and the Jihad State

Recension of the Qur'an

Death and Succession

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