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I consider myself to be both a scientist and a Christian. (By Christian, I mean one who attempts to follow the rather simple teachings about how to "love thy neighbor", as taught by Jesus. Pauline theology... , I can do without.) I see no conflict between science and simple Christianity. While considering myself to be a Christian, I do not enjoy working alongside those who hold contempt or disrespect for my beliefs. Neither do I wish to hold any disrespect or contempt for the beliefs of others. As for those people who seem to hold contempt or disrespect against the beliefs of others, including against my own beliefs, I "respectfully" disagree with them.

While I do not consider myself to be "passionately critical of Islam", I do believe that Islam is currently in a very desperate need of reform in order to bring it fully into the 21st century. (I also happen to believe that Christianity is severely out of touch with reality as well, but that is a whole other story for an other day.) I don't know, but I hope that my rather "minority" view towards trying to work to "fix" something, instead of trying to "break" it, might be found to be acceptable here (though probably not agreed with).

Scottperry (talk) 13:01, 23 June 2014 (PDT)