The Muslim Brotherhood Glorifies and Encourages Female Jihadists

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Translations of Arabic/Islamic Media

Translated from the original Arabic by Al Mutarjim

Writing for the European Council of Fatwa and Research, a Muslim Brotherhood-linked organization headed by Yusuf al-Qaradawi, Dr. 'Ali Muhiy al-Din al-Qarah Daghi in his 2006 treatise "Al-mar'a wal-musharika al-siyasia wal-dimuqratia" (Women and Political and Democratic Participation) lists six political rights that women may enjoy under Islam. These include; the right to vote, to run for office (except for head of state), participate in political demonstrations, participate in the police and security forces (with some conditions), and participate in forming unions. The shaykh also listed the right to participate not only in defensive jihad, but in offensive jihad as well:

(Scholars) unanimously agree on (the right of women) to participate in defensive jihad, i.e. when there’s an infidel occupation of a Muslim country. This includes killing and so forth, and everything which enables it. (Women may) also participate in offensive jihad, commensurate with their disposition.

Safiya, the mother of the faithful (may Allah be pleased with her), participated in jihad when she killed a Jew at the Battle of the Trench.

Also the women who were companions (of the Prophet) participated in the jihad by treating the wounded and bringing water and such. Imam al-Bukhari even compiled a special section named “Women’s Raids and Fighting,” in which he related a few sayings (of the Prophet), including one in which the Prophet (peace be upon him) was on a raid with Umm-Salim and other women from among the Ansar. During the raid, the women drew water and took care of the wounded. In fact, in five other sections of al-Bukhari's Sahih, he mentioned the jihad of women, as well as the raid of the women in the sea, the women carrying waterskins to the men in the raid, and women treating and bringing back the wounded in the raid.

Muslim narrated in his chain: “Umm-Salim took a dagger in the Battle of Hunayn, and had it with her... The Messenger (peace be upon him) asked her about it, saying: “What is this dagger?” She said: “I took it, and if one of the polytheists comes near me, I will cut open his belly.” This made the Messenger (peace be upon him) laugh...” In other words, he approved of her doing this and encouraged it.