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Ali Meshkini

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Bush, Blair and Sharon
===Bush, Blair and Sharon===
{{Quote||I recommend that the pilgrims [to Mecca and Al-Medina] ]] pray there, that they be persistent in their prayer. Prayer is a very good way of worshiping God. They should not forget to pray. But for every prayer there should also be a curse. Your prayers should also include curses. Pray for the good and curse the evil. Say: "My Lord, end the lives of three people shortly – Bush, Sharon, and Blair. End their lives and the lives of their followers. Ask the Lord.<ref>[ Ayatollah Meshkini in a Friday Sermon at Qom: Pray that God Ends the Lives of Bush, Blair and Sharon Soon. Iranian Leaders Must Promote Nuclear Activities] - December, 2004</ref>}}
===George W. Bush, 2004===

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