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Aishas Age of Consummation

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Hadith Saying 'Aisha Had Reached Puberty
(the wife of the Prophet) I had seen my parents following Islam since I attained the age of puberty. Not a day passed but the Prophet (ﷺ) visited us, both in the mornings and evenings...}}
The word أَعْقِلْ means to use thoughts or reasoning, but the translator Muhsin Khan has used the word 'puberty'. The meaning rather is simply that 'Aisha was never aware that of a time when her parents were following Islamnot Muslim. A literal translation would be "I was not aware of my parents other than that the two of them both acknowledged the religion"(لَمْ أَعْقِلْ أَبَوَىَّ إِلاَّ وَهُمَا يَدِينَانِ الدِّينَ).
The exact same Arabic phrase is translated as follows in another hadith by the same translator:
{{Quote|{{Bukhari|38|3773|494102}}| Narrated `Aisha:
(the wife of the Prophet) Since I reached the age when "I could do not remember things, I have seen my parents worshipping according to believing in any religion other than the right faith Religion (of Islam. Not a single day passed but ), and our being visited by Allah's Messenger (ﷺ) visited us both in the morning and in the evening....}}
See also the two other occurrances, {{Bukhari|3|37|494}} and {{Bukhari|5|58|245}}.
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