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Help and Guidelines
# Open another window. Then go to the chosen article and click the 'Edit' button. You will now see the text and all the wiki-formatting of the target article.
# Copy and paste the entire thing into the blank page you created. In Windows, Select all text and then CTRL-C; CTRL-V to paste.
# Now start Start the translation. Delete the English text as you go. You can also keep another window open which has the original article in a regular view (non-editable).# Add the language hub page, translation links template, add/remove the relevant categories (and everything else discussed [[WikiIslam:Instructions_for_Translators#Post-Translation|here]]), under the "See Also" section.
# After the translation is complete, you can preview and save the page.
# Then create Create the necessary links to and from the new translation. This includes a link in each and every version of the translated page, (in their own languages), a link from the language hub page, and a link on from the "Latest Translations" template so the new translation appears on the main page.
# To find what you have been working on, click the 'My contributions' link at the top right.

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