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WikiIslam:Instructions for Translators

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Once logged in, new translators should decide on what article to translate. There are many [[WikiIslam:Translations#Articles_to_Translate|recommended articles]] to choose from on the "WikiIslam:Translations" page. These select articles serve as a showcase for the general quality the site aims for.
Alternatively, an article from the topics listed on the [[WikiIslam:Site Map|site map]] may be chosen. However, before beginning translation work on an article not in the "recommended" list, it is advisable for new translators to leave a message on the Translation Project's [[WikiIslam:ForumDiscussions/Translation Project|forum page]] mentioning what they would like to translate. This allows administrators to make sure a project that is difficult to complete or is not optimal in some way is not started.
It is also recommended that new translators check that their article of choice has not already been translated into that particular language. All translations can be accessed via the sidebar to the left, under the "Translations" heading.
If the chosen article contains English-language [[WikiIslam:Citing_Sources#Islamic_Text|Qur'an quotations or citations]], these will obviously need to be replaced by a Qur'an translation native to the language the article is going to be translated into. The chosen translation must be a mainstream translation rendered by a Muslim and widely used by Muslims in that language, not a "progressive" or "orientalist" translation that most Muslims will not accept as representative of the original Classical Arabic Qur'an. If there are online sources for the translation available, the online source chosen for referencing in WikiIslam articles must be hosted on a scholarly or pro-Islamic, mainstream Muslim website. Under no circumstances should a Qur'an translation hosted on a critical or polemic website be used. It would also be of help if the site has URL's that change according to the Qur'an verse being displayed. This way, if the links become broken, they can be fixed site-wide by simply altering a few URLs in the template.
New translators should then provide administrators with the necessary details by leaving a message on the Translation Project's [[WikiIslam:ForumDiscussions/Translation Project|forum Discussions page]]. They will then (unless they already exist) [[:Category:Language Templates|create the needed scripture templates]] for use in the chosen article.
=====Hadith and Other Sources=====
Hadith collections and other Islamic text are different to the Qur'an. The numbering of hadith within there respective collections often differ from language to language. Even within the same language, the same hadith are often arranged differently depending on the site they are hosted on. Sometimes these sources may not even be available in the desired language. Because of this, it may be most appropriate to simply translate the quoted text and retain the English references, rather than attempt to find the corresponding hadiths in the desired language. However, as with the Qur'an, if a suitable collection and website are found, for hadith or any other Islamic text, this should be disclosed to the administrators by leaving a message on the Translation Project's [[WikiIslam:ForumDiscussions/Translation Project|forum Discussions page]].
===Translating Content===
====Leaving a Message====
If translators find any of the steps for creating a new page with its title difficult to follow, they can leave a message on the Translation Project's [[WikiIslam:ForumDiscussions/Translation Project|forum Discussions page]] with the name of the English article and its new translated title. An administrator will then create a page using the new title (including the "Page title" template), and fill it with the existing English text so that it is ready to be translated.

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