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Due to the focus of the site, the most noticeable reactions from Muslims has been negative.<ref name="Criticism">For responses to various criticisms of WikiIslam, visit the ''[ Criticism of WikiIslam]'' section of the ''[ IslamoCriticism]'' blog.</ref> Some have called for the site to be taken offline through illegal means such as hacking,<ref>{{cite web|url=|title= Muslims should DDOS anti muslim websites|publisher= Ummah Forum|author= |date= April 19, 2014|archiveurl=|deadurl=no}}</ref><ref>''"Someone needs to shut it down. any hackers out here?"'' - [{{Reference archive|1=|2=2013-05-24}} Solving the Wiki-islam problem], DamirK, Ummah Forum, May 24, 2013.</ref><ref>''"Its sad, Saudi have hackers who can hack and take down a lot of crap stuff on the internet but they never seem to notice what should be taken care of."'' - [ For my readers in Saudi, infact for anyone], (comment by Dentographer, March 4, 2012)</ref> and it had previously been [[Websites Censored by Islamic Governments|banned]] in [[Saudi Arabia]] on the country's [[pornography]] blacklist, even though the site contains nothing of a pornographic nature.<ref>A screenshot can be viewed [[:File:Wikiislam com-aug-2011-ksa.png|here]]</ref>
Constant vandalism, death-threats, and non-compliance with guidelines by Muslim editors has lead to WikiIslam, like the German Wikipedia, implementing “[[WikiIslam:Pending Changes Protection|pending-changes protection]]”, meaning that editing still remains open to all, including IP users, but changes have to be approved before becoming visible to readers.

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