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WikiIslam:Policies and Guidelines

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Copy and pasting articles from other sites is not allowed. Nor is copy and pasting articles from Wikipedia for various reasons. However, there are some exceptions to this rule e.g. where a suitable Wikipedia article is going to be deleted or has been deleted.
Editors should use [[WikiIslam:Templates|templates]] wherever possible. This is an effective way of standardizing content. Their use enables formatting to remain consistent and allows easy system-wide changes. All pages should be written using the American English spelling rather than UK spelling, and section headings should use title-case for capitalization. Thus "Section Headings" and not "Section headings". The same applies to the titles of articles. Minor words should be left in small caps. Standardized spelling of transliterated Arabic words and names are also to be followed, in order to avoid leaving pages with multiple spelling variations of a single word.

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